Meet the Festies

Hello, we’re Marley and Becca (or Barley and Mecca).

We are festies. If you’d like to know what “festies” mean, you should read below. But be warned! We’re a little rowdy and the language is less than lady-like.

Fes*ties – noun. A term coined from the combination of fucking, best, and friends.”fucking-besties” Developed in the early 21st century by a Heath Matesyk-Snyder when he mistakenly thought that the common acronym for best friends forever (BFF) stood for “best fucking friends.” Related words: festieVAL, hive, festieLYFE

Marley and I are geeky-chic. Or chic-y geek. Well, maybe I should say that Marley is chic-y geek (so chic it’s geeky), and I am geeky-chic (so geeky…I’m chic or at least like to think that it works that way). Things that we’re geeky about include but are not limited to:

Woodworking, socks, power tools, photography, rap music, flannel, candles, patterns, expensive shoes everything, chips, snacks in general, homemade pizza, Annie’s mac and cheese (or bunnies and cheese), necklaces, scarves, cowls, knitting cowls, wearing cowls, anything to do with cowls, cowboy boots (not to be confused with regular boots…which we also very much like), mixing hot coco with coffee, taping things on walls, goga (yoga-on-the-go), instagram (doh), craft, FOXES, baby animals, getting a dog, matching each other, presents, Domo, GG (a character to be met at a later date), miniatures…etc.


Come here to follow our lyfe (#festielyfe). We’re pretty much the weirdest, lewd-est, festie-est, giggly-est people you’ll ever fake meet.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Festies

  1. Evelyn Li says:

    When is your next post coming out?

  2. […] we bought for working in the woodshop. Gosh, it could have even been the festie flannels featured last week. Regardless of what items came first, the fact remains that as our friendship has grown, so has the […]

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