Matching: the Study of Pairs

Things we match:

Striped sweaters, Festie flannels, Urban sweaters, open sweaters from Taiwan, flower tanks, Sperrys, rings, cowls, elephant socks, fuzzy ribbon socks, fair isle socks, (we own a lot of socks), urban v-neck, those-jeans-that-we-both-hate, foxy sweaters, santa socks, yoga (goga!) tights, Spiderman aprons, squares, grey-scale scarves, a love of Domo, camelbaks, shiny bracelets, cowl scarves, cheetah headbands, delicate sweaters with shiny shoulder caps, mustard sweaters…etc., etc., etc.

I can’t remember the first item we shared. It might have been the flow-y sweaters from Urban Outfitters–same style, different colors. Or it might have been the bold striped sweaters from the Gap that fit in an odd sort of way but were too cute (and too cheap!) to pass up. It could have been the Spiderman aprons that we bought for working in the woodshop. Gosh, it could have even been the festie flannels featured last week. Regardless of what items came first, the fact remains that as our friendship has grown, so has the number of items that we share.

Obviously we’re not shy about having the same things. We cherish it, we embrace it, we claim it as part of being a festie. When I’m hunting for an outfit in the morning, the festie items make me smile–if I happen to settle on an outfit that features a festie item, I cross my fingers and hope the hive is going to be strong that day. When we shop together, we buy the same things or variations of the same thing in different colors…and when we shop apart, well, it’s now at the point where we will just pick up two of whatever we’ve fallen in love with because chances are high that the other will fall in love too.

Honestly, we’re just being economical–saving the other a trip out to the shop or the cost of shipping (more on how to wiggle your way out of that one later).

However, there is a catch–festies also happen to be a bit…selfish at times. Not in a, “no, you can’t have any of my ice cream,” or, “no, you can’t borrow my favorite scarf” or even, “no you can’t buy that I have it” way, but in a, “I really love you and I want us to share, but if only one of us can have it then it’s going to be me” way…

Perhaps a story will help illustrate my point.

The Case of the Missing Keys

Last spring I went to Taiwan with family to visit family. My lovely mother had planned an epic journey for us–it would be the first time one of my brothers visited and she wanted to make sure we all saw new parts of Taiwan. Not only did we do the usual adventures–shopping at the night market, eating from street vendors, etc.–we also went to Tarako National Park (click it, it’s amazing, and you should probably start planning a trip now). Think: mountains that capture the crispness of the elevation and the dense wetness of a jungle at the same time; think: hiking paths carved into the cliff side with temples and monasteries hidden among the peaks, waterfalls that create tunnels over the road, waterfalls that come out from under said temples, dense fog that blankets your cabin so that when you awake you feel as though the mountain is floating within a cloud.


… Anyways, the point is that even though Taiwan wasn’t a new experience for me, Tarako was. And it was beyond amazing. Scratch that, the REAL point is that I wanted to buy something to remind me of Tarako. At the end of one of our first hikes (a small one that ended before we thought it would), some townspeople were selling crafts with the traditional Taiwanese patterns on them. I found woven key chains with the traditional TW colors and bought two–I figured that Marley’s could remind her of why she should come back to TW with me. : ) Shortly after returning home, the keys were lost (literally couldn’t find them the next day). I went through every room and every pocket of my bags in vain–the keys (and keychain) never turned up.

Here’s where the selfish festie comes up–I had lost my festie key chain but still wanted needed one. Luckily, I had bought two…that’s right, Marley’s festie key chain was put on new keys, and I never mentioned the missing key chain to her until…fast forward almost a year and what do I find? The missing keys and the missing festie key chain. Mars was puzzled for all of three seconds when she saw the matching key chains on both sets of my keys.

M: Were those festie key chains?
B: [[no comment, innocent wide-eyed look]]
Uncontrolled laughter by both parties

What can I say? We may love to share, but even we have limits–if it really comes down to it, we festies will always pick ourselves when distributing festie items. ; ) Flawed creatures, perfect festies.




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