New Year’s Festolutions

Well, it’s about that time. That time when you realize the year is over and you better hurry up and eat the rest of the chips in the house because come tomorrow FESTOLUTIONS (or simply just resolutions) will be put into action, and if you are anything like me, you set wildly unachievable resolutions like “Yeah, I will quit eating chips, eat a balanced diet, run miles upon miles every day, do yoga for two hours each night, clean daily, bake pies for my neighbors, figure out what my dream job is get my dream job, get a puppy, get a guy, AND achieve world peace.” So yeah. . . It’s time to eat all of the chips in the house because, woah, are you feeling as much pressure as I am with these festolutions???

This is what happens when you eat too many chips (or kibble in this puppy’s case)

But really, I am a total weenie and LIVE for nostalgia. That’s right, I live so that I can look back on things fondly. Just ask my brother CE, he witnesses me reminiscing over signs, songs, and sayings whenever we hang out (Sorry, Bro.)

nos*tal*gia noun. A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typical for a period or place with happy personal associations (for me, this is basically any fond memory, usually associated with people, music, food, and funny phrases or occurrences)

INFACT, I have developed a new kind of nostalgia (or at least I haven’t ever heard anyone else talk about it, so this is me coining it) – Fustalgia. Yeah, that is Future+Nostalgia.

fus*tal*gia noun. A sentimental longing or wistful affection for instances in the future; feelings of nostalgia towards nostalgic moments that have not yet occurred

Naturally, I enjoy these last few days of the year because I can get my nostalgia AND my fustalgia on! And this year I’m going to share it with you! Aren’t you running for the door lucky!

I was out with a friend the other day, and we were discussing things that we’d like to do – some might call these ‘things’ goals – and after he listed one of his goals, I exclaimed, “OOOOH!!!! THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!” That is in all caps because I yelled it because I am that embarrassing girl at the quiet bar who is yelling because she A) gets easily excited B) doesn’t realize how loud her voice is and C) doesn’t really care how loud her voice is BECAUSE WHATEVER SHE IS YELLING ABOUT IS OBVIOUSLY AWESOME. So I told him his idea was awesome, and that it would make a great New Years Resolution. His face immediately turned inside out and fell onto the floor. No, just kidding, that would be gross/scary. But he did look at me like he wanted to throw up on me/like I was crazy (still gross, not scary). I’m sure I started yelling rubbish at him at this point, but he further explained that resolutions aren’t his thing because it turns an idea into an assignment. Into a task. Into a have to, rather than a want to. An enjoy to. I feel like this is a fairly common reaction to resolutions, and I think part of that is what I was hinting at near the beginning of this post: Don’t get too crazy, kids! Just because the word ‘resolution’ sounds big and scary doesn’t mean it actually has to be big and scary (That’s what she said?). Set realistic goals for yourself. Really, all resolutions are is a way of listing what you want to do to become a better version of yourself. And it can be just a tiny little piece, like making your bed every day (though I find this unnecessary – why wreck a perfectly built nest?) or walking instead of taking a taxi (as if I have ever taken a taxi) or eating carrots and snap peas instead of chips three days a week (this one is actually making my list). It’s just not realistic to quit eating chips all-together! (and not enjoyable) BUT ya know what IS enjoyable? Not eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting (or so they say…). 🙂

Yes, I realize that my first ‘resolution’ of 2013, as of one sentence ago, is not eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting. My life is a sham. Call the snack police. This girl is cray!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve to hear some of my ACTUAL reflections and resolutions. So here goes it:

Notable Moments of 2012

  • Graduated from UW-Madison with a 3.7 and a degree in Studio Arts (I focused in woodworking and furniture design, but that is neither here nor there)



  • Got a new job to replace a job that wasn’t making me happy anymore
  • Quit smoking (twice 😉 )
  • Made new friends//stayed connected with old (and very dear) friends
  • Moved into a new house with two amazing roomies
  • Made lots of furniture that I am very proud of
  • Measured my love for my family every day
  • Wrote thank you notes
  • Created a blog with my festie

Ideas for 2013

  • Do more yoga
  • Eat healthier, Ma always says moderation is key
  • Move to a new city//state
  • Take more chances
  • Be present to life RIGHT NOW; be happy in the moment
  • Create
  • Love

As you can see, my ideas and goals for 2013 are broad – it will hopefully be a year of getting into a healthier life rhythm. A year of enjoying life and jumping in head first. I am realizing that since I’m all graduated I am free to do anything that I please – it is an exhilarating feeling. It can be overwhelming. It’s like wading into Lake Michigan in the summer – You are halfway to the second sandbar and the water is freezing, just up to your belly button. It’s so cold you are shaking. But at some point, you just have to hold your breath and dunk yourself, because once you come back up, it feels so much warmer, ya know?

So I am going to spend this New Year’s Eve with family and friends and my festie. Eating food, drinking spirits, laughing, baking cookies, and playing games because that’s how we roll.

Anyone else have any festolutions, resolution, goals, or ideas? Any bad habits you are going to kick or good habits you are going to instill? Any killer or decidedly mediocre NYE plans?





One thought on “New Year’s Festolutions

  1. Fustalgia and chip-love (and OF COURSE puppy-love!)….could be genetic! Great resolutions and I may just have to steal a few- Good luck and happy new year my beautiful daughter and all festies!

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