A Little Resolutionizing

I’m not even going to bother to define that word. I’ll just come clean: IT’S FAKE I JUST NEEDED A TITLE.

It’s that time of year again, and since my festie was so motivating, I’m going to share a resolution post of my own. It’s ok that the first week+ of the year was resolution free, right? “Not procrastinating” isn’t really on my to-do list. That was sooo 2010. However, since this topic will only be mildly appropriate/entertaining for a few more days, I figured that I should probably get on it ASAP.

I’ll start by saying that I LOVE to-do lists. Original, huh? Crazy type-A girl loves to make lists upon lists of things to do. When I was in school, these lists lived in my sketchbook and usually consisted of next steps I had to take for my furniture pieces written side-by-side with reactions I had to remember to stop or writing goals for my labs (barf). These days, my lists are on pink (bigger barf) post-it notes stuck to every inch of my desk—there are even post-it chains where one square wasn’t enough so I stuck another on the end to accommodate more items. Seriously. They’re even on my desk phone. The contents of the post-its are significantly less interesting: call so-and-so, prep for meeting, take things to drycleaners (this never gets crossed off the list because I always seem to forget that my coats need cleaning!), yada yada yada. Biggest barf (#beinggrownupsucks). Every now and then I’ll decide that I need to start from scratch and crumple everything up into a sticky post-it ball. I hope these are recyclable because they’re the only things that end up in the bin.

Post-its, post-its errywhere.

Post-its, post-its errywhere.

All this is to bring me to my first only resolution: 1) Make better lists.

Yes, it is the most generic, achievable goal I could have settled on (other than something like, “smile every day” or “laugh more” which are things that I do anyways and are on par with, “brush teeth regularly.”) **NOT to say that these aren’t perfectly fine resolutions for someone else…like Oscar.

ANYways, the “Better Lists” goal is to encourage me to get back to what I love to do. Since they’re “To-Do” lists, I figure that I can put things like, “Find a studio space” and, “Stop checking your email from bed” on them and I’ll be happier for it. What else will my Better List have on it? Read below and judge:

The Better List

1. Find a studio space. Told you this would be here. The thing I have missed the most about school is definitely the studio. I  can hardly believe that I’ve gone almost 6 months without touching a table saw—it breaks my heart more than a little bit.

2. Snowboard like the obsessive freak I am. It’s a seasonal goal, but one that means a lot to me. I got really carried away with school last winter and I’m pretty sure I never made it out (WHAT!?!!!). Which makes me feel like yelling a big “EFFF YOUUU” to myself. So this winter I will be have already started blowing all of my monies on lift tickets and transportation.

3. Go home more often. I miss real food, and my mother is an AMAZING cook. Ugh, drooling just thinking about it. I had really terrible Chinese takeout about a month ago and afterwards cried inside a little like a homesick tweenager. Will be heading home this weekend and eating myself into a coma.


4. Speak more Chinese. I swear I can speak another language; I just don’t really do it that often. AND I MISS IT. I was on the phone with my grandma for an hour this Christmas, and I found myself struggling to describe my job—NOT because it’s a struggle to describe what I do in any language (which it is), but because I couldn’t think of the right words to tell her that my job was difficult to describe without making it sound like I just didn’t know how to speak anymore. This becomes extra embarrassing when you realize that I didn’t even start speaking English until I started school. Fail.

5. Race pace under 8. A step back from last year’s race pace goal. I’ve been doing too much yoga and now I’m even slower. Whoops. On the plus side, my friend Patricia and I have found our newest talent: Snowga. Crow pose strapped into a snowboard would not have been possible before this year. Core, baby, core.


6. Stop checking my damn email in bed. Because getting notified that you have more work to do right before you go to bed or right after you wake up just freaking sucks. Also, looking at a little lighted phone screen in the dark hurts my eyes, and my dad always told me it’s bad for them. I don’t want to go blind in 2013.

There you have it: the start of The Better List. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do this year: I’ve made a better list. While I feel no pressure to do anything else, we all know the best part of to-do lists comes when you get to cross things off.

Happy New Beers!



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