Happy Birthday Loretta Frances!

Today is my mother, Lollie’s, birthday! So I just wanted to do a short blog saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and sharing some of my favorite things about her and some of my favorite memories…

Isn't she adorbs?!

Isn’t she adorbs?!

I love this photo of her — I’m not really sure how I ended up with it, actually.. For as long as I can remember it has been hanging in my bedroom… Like, since I was little. I could be making that up – you know how memory works.. Things start to get fuzzier as you go back further.. In any case, I think one of the reasons I love this photo is because it amazes me every day how similar my mother and I are. We are truly twin souls, and I feel so thankful and blown away by it every day. I also love that it is a portrait, but it feels casual and intimate. Like she was just playing on the couch and popped up to see who was on the other side. So sweet.

This was for a Xmas card. I was a king?

This was for a Xmas card. I was a king?

My mama has always given me every ounce of love and support that I have ever needed. She has helped to shape me into the person that I am and am becoming every day. She has taught me to play, to be creative, to work hard. Everything in moderation. But sometimes it is okay to splurge. She gave me my design instincts and has cheered me on as I develop my own aesthetic. It is truly disgusting and sappy how much of a role model she really is for me.

This is why I am who I am...

This is why I am who I am…

Do you see those two goons up there? Aren’t they beautiful? Can’t you just feel the love? Because I can, and it is making me giddy//nauseous 🙂 But seriously, doesn’t my dad look phresh and 40??? And my mom. In my brain she is perpetually 35. They don’t call her Hot Shot for nothing! Speaking of, one random memory that somehow got saved in the longterm spaces of my brain goes a little something like this… I don’t remember how old I was, maybe 12 or something? 10? Anyways, it must have been around this time of year, MAYBE March, but there was snow (because we live in WISCO), but it was also sunny. Like where-are-my-sunglasses-I-am-blind-now sunny. And my mother, the tanning freak (I use this term affectionately) that she is, threw on her swim suit and went into our ‘back yard’ to catch some rays. I remember her swim suit – it was a two-piece. Royal blue with a lime green and white floral print on it. Kind of sporty looking. Now that I think about it, I feel like this moment has stuck in my memory because it is just completely ridiculous and fun. Which is another thing about my mother that I admire. She is cray. She’s got a freak flag, and she flies it. And she has always taught her children to do the same. Whether I realize it or not, I wake up every day and try to be that woman who lays in the snow in March to catch some rays JUST BECAUSE. I try to add a little unexpected crazy into my day. Because otherwise what is the point?

So, Loretta, thank you for having a spirit that is as bright as a million suns and love that radiates infinitely around you.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Loretta Frances!

  1. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your amazing mom, Mar! She is a true gift to anyone who knows her, and always an inspiration to me (in so many ways 🙂 ) Happy Birthday, dear Lollie!! We love you more than mere words can express ~ Lisa, Paul, Jack and Tiggy

  2. xoxo. Happy Birthday Mama Wheeler! Thanks for my BFF

  3. Well Miss Marley…YOU are your MOTHER!!!! so so so very THOUGHTFUL! maybe that picture hung in your room forever because you look exactly like her!!! I have to say after your mamas birthday ski of 2 1/2 hours maybe 3 this morning, breaking trails on the uplands at devils lake – sun shining…snow glistening…discussing how fortunate we are to have the friendship we do…the time to work out… in nature… sweating to beat the band, we certainly were wishing we had our bikinis on!! What a GIFT…it is to anyone who has been blessed to be introduced to HER, YOU and your FAMILY!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Lollie-Your BFF Sue

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