Changes – Surface Level

It’s been a weird year so far. As it turns out, this blog is going to do what it was supposed to from the beginning: keep the festies close even when they’re not glued at the hip. That’s right, a few weeks ago the festies moved out of their tiny flat by the zoo and into their new (sadly separate) homes. Plural. HomeSSS.

Like I said, it’s been weird. But that’s a story for another day. The story of best-f*cking-friend (sorry for my sailor-month, mom) withdrawal is not a light or surface-level one, so I won’t dig into the dirty details here. Let’s just say that my dark and twisty side is at its worst when I don’t get my festie fix.

In other news, I’ve now got a couch.

Things that make this couch grown up: 1) it’s grey and tufted (and therefore inherently amazing), 2) I didn’t pick it up off the curb or buy it for 25 big ones from the people that lived in my house before me, and most importantly, 3) it lives in my new grown-up condo!

Please put your hands together and welcome Isabel*!


She is the newest member of my furniture family and I couldn’t be happier. The purchase was advised by my hero and former professor, Mars bars, and my heart.


*Yes, I name things. For those that know me, this is not surprising. What is surprising is that Isabel is a female (!). What can I say? She’s so well styled and inviting, I just couldn’t imagine her as anything else. Plus, everything else I own is a boy; it was inevitable that one day I would bring a lady into my life. #everyoneknowsit #justkiddingmomdontpanic


One thought on “Changes – Surface Level

  1. Eek! A girl! I am so proud/impressed!!!!! I really cannot wait to meet her 🙂

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