Back to Basics: Making

As you all probably know and can empathize with, especially you Festie, life just goes and goes and goes. And sometimes we find ourselves in a place that is completely unfamiliar. I mean, not completely unfamiliar..  Our jobs may be familiar (perhaps TOO familiar) and our friends and family are familiar (most days) and our cars are familiar and our clothes and our diet. But where is the magic? Where are the things we LOVE to do. The things that make our blood flow faster and our brains think harder and our hands build better. Where have our passions gone? And how do we get them back?

In my natural habitat.

In my natural habitat.

As a pledge to myself, to my inner soul and my creative being, I have decided to do MORE. I’m starting with small DIY projects, but hey, it’s a start.

One of my friends has requested a nightstand. It’s long over due, but better late than never – I’m going to refinish a double-decker side table for her.

I also picked up a cute little side table at Target on clearance for $6. BOO YAH! It’s got a great metal base and a round top. It is currently white and hot pink.. So if you know me at all, you know that ain’t gonna fly, so I’m going to give it a little color update. This is the table. My plan is less red and white and more teal/plum/grey/grellow/black. I’m a bit undecided at this point.

I also have a few frames (for one of my dearest gilfriends) that need some custom art work… I’m thinking floral inspired semi-graphic whatever whatever… 😀

As you can see, I have some projects lined up and I am ready to turn off my phone, shut down my computer, and dive into some creative projects. It is time to unlock a level of happiness that’s been shut away for too many moons.


One thought on “Back to Basics: Making

  1. I’m OBSESSED with that table shape! Can’t wait to see what you come up with, fest. 🙂

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