Photo-failure: #storyofmylife #newseries #rliadventures

This post and upcoming promise has been a long time coming. Two, three years, maybe more. Likely more. I will be the first to admit that I’m really, really bad at sharing my photos. It hasn’t always been this way! I used to snap & share with a vengeance, posting images of the most mundane moments before the night was over. Look through my facebook, flickr or myspace (oh yea, that used to be a thing), and you’ll find photos from casual coffee dates, simple playground shenanigans and 2AM Perkins stops. Riveting stuff, right?

I’m not sure when the photo-hoarding started – maybe in my very early 20s, or when I started shooting weddings and editing took over my ‘fun photos’ life – but over the years it’s certainly gotten worse. The addition of fancy iPhones, the VSCO app and instagram has just encouraged it. Instead of needing to edit the photos from my Canon to share, I just end up taking photos twice so that I can post something to social media without actually needing to edit ‘real’ pictures in a timely manner. [[That link is totally worth clicking, by the way]] #Photographerfail, all the way.

Sidenote: on the plus side, hashtags have really emerged as the best way to sort my life and communicate my thoughts, and now make their way into my texts on an hourly basis. #excessive

I feel guilty, but life really does catch up with you. It’s not that I don’t want to share my memories, I swear! I just…always want to make more memories and have more adventures, leaving very little time for sorting through pictures, editing and posting/writing.  I am constantly snapping because I love the idea of catching moments to share with the world. So whatever happened to that sharing part? Surely part of the fun involved in adventure-having/making is the sharing and remembering that happens afterwards?

So consider this my effort to make things right. Here is my promise: From now on, once or twice a month, whichever is more appropriate, I will post about one of my adventures. This will have multiple purposes:

  1. I will actually sort, edit and SHARE all those photos I’m constantly taking, silencing the noise coming from co-adventurers about, “when will I see those photos you took when we x, y z’d?”
  2. I will re-live wonderful memories with wonderful people! And maybe remind myself of the things I’ve learned along the way.
  3. I will (hopefully) stop worrying my mother, who never knows where I am and treats every trip I take as though it was my first. Maybe if there was any evidence of my past she would stop stressing about my future. Mama, I swear I’m not going to die on 97% of the trips I take (#Iamthe36%). There’s always a chance, but I’m seriously not that big of a risk taker (#itsallrelative). I love you too much to die.

So there you have it! My photo-failing story of a life is to be no more. I will start a new series, titled “Rliadventures” to share photos, stories and, you guessed it, adventures of the past. They will happen out of order and with mild consistency. If I miss one, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Now I’m tired from looking through photos on that social media thing. I will adventure-post some other day… (PROMISE)



Photofailing in Rome

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