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The Nature of The Hive

Throwback: Festie breakfasts always have faces.

Marley and I have a special connection (as if that wasn’t obvious already given that we started a blog centered around a made up word…). Anyways, we (and those who know us well enough) refer to that connection as “The Hive.”

The Hive – noun. A term used to signify a friendship or other closeness so strong that the persons involved often feel and act as one. Characterized by synchronized speaking, similar purchases (when shopping separately), identically pitched sounds, and general instances of uncanny likeness. Common phrases: “The hive is strong today,” “hiving,” “The Hiiiiiiive (using the green alien voice from Toy Story).”

I mean, c’mon people–we speak in sync at least a half-dozen times a day. This happens even when we only really see each other for a few hours each day! How do I explain it? Our brains just work the same. Here are a few conversations/scenarios that offer a glimpse into the hive:

Becca lights a candle
Marley: Are you cold? Is that why you turned on the candle?
Becca: No, I wanted it for warmth.
 When leaving Trader Joe’s with the boyfriend:
Marley’s yellow Jeep parked right next to me! Convo via the book of faces.
Me: You stalkin’ me?
Marley: OMG WHAT???…didn’t even REALIZE!
Me: hiving without a clue
In the woodshop:
Me: Nice shirt!
Marley: Thanks, I got it at Urban…
Me: Wait a minute–I have that shirt!
(this has happened at least a dozen times with a dozen different articles of clothing.)

Unfortunately, the hive is very tired as I’m writing this and will have to stop at three examples. Both Marley and  me are coming up short when trying to think of more creep-tastic twinning examples. I guess if there’s still curiosity a-brewing, our Twitter will surely sport some fun soon enough.

At first, our synchronized lives disturbed us (and the people around us). The hive instances were often accompanied by a weird look and an accusatory, “stop that!” Gradually, we have learned to embrace our strange form of telepathy and expect it at all times. It’s just another part of being/having a festie.


Now, the world is big enough where we can’t possibly be the only festies out there! Contact us with your stories, we’d love to hear them!

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